Journelle Omni Channel App

Imagine yourself as a woman trying a lingerie in a store. You got the wrong number or you didn't like the color, and now you need to dress all up over again to find a different piece.

AYD approached the luxury lingerie brand Journelle with a new digital strategy, and part of it consists of a solution for the problem above, which was an app I designed where women can find out products matching their style and later, in store, have a true integrated experience.

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Considering two scenarios - new and returning users - the strategy is to make a platform where newcomers could discover their style playing a quiz. As the result, the user is presented with some products and can select them right away to schedule a fitting appointment. Now those preferences are in place, returning users are offered personalized product recommendations.


Simple questions help the app figuring out women's style. Using sexy images and a beautiful UI, the app illustrates the answers and creates a playful experience.


Now the appointment is scheduled, the in-store experience helps the shopper when she needs to ask for different products. The user can scan items, see details and then request assistance from a sales associate.